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I am interested in any relevant translation project

I am bilingual Italian and Spanish with also a high linguistic competence in all aspects of the English language and an intermediate level in French
I have been very keen to access this type of career, which utilizes my love of linguistics and educational experience.

My secondary school education was biased towards languages, achieving A- level equivalent in English and French language and literature.

I followed this with a Masters Degree in Modern Foreign Language and Literature (English and Spanish) where several of the modules were in linguistics.

After completing my university studies I had the chance to work for a year for TJ Taylor; a translation agency based in Milan where I used to translate and proofread mainly technical documentation.

Since coming to the UK, I have completed courses in Practical Translation and Software Translation Technology at Imperial College, London.

I have been unable to secure work in the UK in my primary area of interest (translation, editing proofreading and copy editing ) so therefore I qualified as a secondary school Language teacher through completing my post graduate certificate in secondary education and achieving Qualified Teacher Status from the ‘GTC England’ for teaching up to AS and A2 levels.

I hope to have the opportunity to be considered for any possible project, in exchange for a high level of enthusiasm and professionalism. You would also be assured of my total reliability, passion, dedication and collaboration

Thank you very much in advance.

Best Regards.
Bartolome’ Morena


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General translation £0.09 p/w 0.11 p/w including proofreading

Literary/scientific £0.11 p/w 0.15 p/w including proofreading


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Englisch > Italienisch

Masters in Language Art (equivalent) University of Eastern Naples (Orientale) Practical Translation Professional Course (Technical/Medical/Legal) Imperial College, London Software Translation Technology Professional Course Imperial College, London

Englisch > Spanisch

Masters in Language Art (equivalent) University of Eastern Naples (Orientale)

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