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6.11.2019, 19:45 Uhr
(mitteleuropäische Zeit)

English > Arabic (Gulf and Levantine): Alexa special request

This is Nayra Fathy, talent manager from Transparent.

I am contacting you today as we have a new request for Alexa and Cleo application, The linguist will need to listen to some questions on the app and answer them in his/her language.
• For more details:
While playing Cleo you'll be prompted to respond to a number of different requests. The best way to provide good data is to respond to the prompts as in as natural a way as possible in the language you specified and vary your answers. For example, if asked more than once for a music artist you like, try to give a different answer the second time. In case you miss a prompt, ask Alexa to repeat the last prompt by saying “REPEAT” in Arabic.
For now the client would need Levant linguist natives (Levantine Arabic) and we also need talents who speak Gulf Arabic : the dialect spoken in the coast of Gulf in Kuwait, Qatar, United Arabic Emirates, part of Saudi Arabia, southern Iraq etc.. and MSA dialect
Due to the geographical restrictions of the mobile application, participants need to reside in one of the following locations: Europe, USA, Canada, Australia.
• Participants will be required to have:
1-An Amazon account.
2- Android/iOS device (smartphones) with Alexa app installed as per instructions and record prompts in Arabic (Syria) (based on given instructions (instructions are available through the app in English, French, German, Spanish).
Here are some more details:
Rates: our maximum rate is 0.06 USD per phrase
Required volume: 1000 prompts per participant
Required number of participants: we would need up to 20 participants. (please let us know the number of the talents you can provide)
Duration/Deadline: all tasks completed by Friday 8th November, at the latest.
I was wondering if you are able to join us handling this task and also confirm your dialect and where are you based?

Waiting for your gracious reply..

Benötigte Sprachrichtung(en):

Englisch > Arabisch

Benötigte Sprachdienstleistung:


Anfrage an:

freiberufliche Übersetzer / Übersetzungsagenturen

Anfrage ist: