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6.10.2021, 20:14 Uhr
(mitteleuropäische Zeit)

English > Swedish OR Danish: Long / mid term collab - MKT translation / adaptation

We are looking for linguists to translate content from English into SV-SE or DA-DK with natural, native, localized and compelling copy.

During the long term collaboration, we will need you to localize a range of different texts and/or review the results of such works: MKT initiatives, content of our website, ad copy variations, product descriptions, etc. The texts have low term-density and will have to be translated into natural, compelling, flowy text.

We are not a translation agency, but we have a small dedicated department in our company, which specializes in photographic printing and photo products.

Our goal will be ultimately to find qualified linguists or marketing freelancers who are interested in a long/mid-term collaboration and that get more familiar with our products and terminology.

Such collaboration would require a set per-word rate and source word count would be weighted according to our rate scheme which takes into account repetitions and matches with our translation memory, as usual in the industry.

Important for applicants:
- We are looking for individual professionals, not agencies.
- Provide a CV in PDF, website or image format. We do not accept DOC(x) files nor links to Dropbox.
- Apply only if you have EN > SV-SE as pair and you are a native SV-SE speaker or if you have EN > DA-DK as pair and you are a native DA-DK speaker
- Please note we will require a test from you.
- Taking into consideration we are looking for long term collaborations, provide word-rate for TRANSLATION and REVIEW.
- Send quotes by applying with subject: "Freelancer Onboarding - YourName YourSurname - SV or Freelancer Onboarding - YourName YourSurname - DA"
- The tool to be used in this collaboration is MemSource (if selected, we will create a user for you).

Does such a collaboration sound interesting to you?
Get in touch and let's talk!

Benötigte Sprachrichtung(en):

Englisch > Schwedisch

Muttersprache: Schwedisch

Englisch > Dänisch

Muttersprache: Dänisch

Benötigte Sprachdienstleistung:




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