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Konkrete Anfrage nach Korrektur lesen an freiberufliche Übersetzer (keine Agenturen)

English > Italian: 4-page Amazon store Localization, Assessing & Proofreading

Hi! I’m Janine Xia, I’m from the multi-language department of Firmoo Optical.

We’re looking for a professional Italian translation/proofreading service provider(s) to review and proofread our Amazon store pages from EN to IT(please see below).


A. If you’re interested in the stated job, please download the test ( 183 words and a 5-minute questionnaire included) and send it back to my mailbox whenever you’re ready. The Test is not to be paid. However, if we decided to assign all 4 pages to you based on your test, then we will pay you altogether, include the test.

B.If you’re not available at the time, yet still interested to work with us in a near future, or simply, just feel like to know more about us. Please provide us your normal rates for translation, proofreading and language consultancy.

Firmoo has been in this industry for 11+ years, as our businesses continue to grow, we would love to establish a long-term collaboration with a Linguist who specialized in e-commerce/copywriting/translation/consultancy/SEO, etc.

Plus, you are most welcome to ask more!

Janine Xia
Multi-language Department

Example of text:
REDUCE EYE STRAIN - These blue light blocking glasses use slight yellow anti blue lenses, which can filter 380-450 nm of harmful blue and uv light. Enjoy your digital time, no worries about eye strain, blurred vision and headaches.
SLEEP BETTER - Anti blue light glasses cut the most harmful blue light. Reduce your exposure to long-term damage of the digital screen.


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Wirtschaft / Marketing / Finanzen

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