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Vorherige Hindi > Englisch Anfrage >>


Konkrete Anfrage nach einer Übersetzung an freiberufliche Übersetzer (keine Agenturen)

English > Hindi: Freelance Hindi Transcriptionists Required

We are currently seeking Freelance Hindi Transcriptionists to assist

Primary Responsibilities:

• Transcription and timing of pertinent audio and video material from theatrical and broadcast sources.
• Creation of descriptive and context-based annotations to ensure proper translation of the material.
• Delineate the timing and duration of subtitles, providing adequate onscreen time to ensure readability.
• Ensuring Hindi subtitles best represent the dialogue and textual material of the project.
• Creation of scripts for dubbing actors, including dialogue and nonverbal elements that accurately represent the content and nature of the project.
• Format transcribed material according to Deluxe style guidelines and the client’s specific requirements.
• Performing quality-assurance checks of one’s own completed work prior to delivery.

• Bachelor of Arts degree in English, Journalism, Communications or Translation (or equivalent).
• Proven Hindi proofreading and writing skills.
• Hindi mother tongue. (Fluency in English is an asset.)
• Problem-solving, workflow analysis, and strong interpersonal skills.
• Broad cultural knowledge.
• A penchant for creative solutions.
• Experience in Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office Suite is necessary.
• Professional experience in an editorial environment is an asset.
• Background in audio-visual and film production is an asset.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please do share a copy of your updated CV.


Englisch > Hindi

Muttersprache: Hindi

Über den Auftraggeber

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